A-List Beauty Hacks for EVERY Woman

A-List Beauty Hacks for EVERY Woman

Awards season is well under way, and no Hollywood Starlet worth her salt hasn’t got her dressed prepared. But neither good genes, nor great stylists can hide a beauty emergency. 

From stress spots to signs of fatigue, even the beautiful people get hit by the occasional crisis (always on red carpet day) and when they do, their makeup artists become miracle workers to hide them.

Whilst we might not be able to give you an Oscar, we can share the secrets of professionals to see you through your big moments – be they a wedding, a big first date or the first day of a new job!  

1.Covering a Stress Spot

Most of us know that plastering foundation over an angry red pimple only leads to a 'caked' finish (and you can always see it underneath). 

The trick to effecting concealing is in the right products and the right technique.  After priming the skin, pat a tiny amount of green colour corrector ONLY over the area of the pimple. 

Apply your base and then, as makeup artist Nancy Glass suggests, use a flat concealer brush and pat the product over the spot, flicking it at the edges to cover evenly.   Set and voila, at least 8 spot free hours await!

2.Dehydrated Skin

Quite often the days before a big event, be the Oscars, or that 90-degree date you’ve waited weeks for, can be stressful and one of the first casualties can be how much water you drink or attention you pay to your skin.

Dehydrated skin is grey, has fine lines and can drop considerably.   To get back to fresh and hydrated, make sure you’re drinking enough, and look for beauty products with low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. 

Hyaluronic Acid is created with gel-like molecules capable of holding up to 1000x its own weight in water, so anything you apply to your skin with it will instantly plump out, looking youthful and hydrated.

3.Wonky Eyeliner

Shaky hands can lead to stricken lines – and nobody wants to end up with panda eyes on their big night. 

There are a couple of tricks you can use to get it straight – starting at the outside and drawing in helps, as can using a line, but if you make a mistake late in your makeup don’t panic and start over.  Simply apply an oily makeup remover to a Q-Tip and dab it on the affected area, then touch up and you’ll be good to go! 

Pro-Artist Tip:  Remember to apply your facial makeup AFTER your eyes if you’re doing heavier eye makeup.  This way you can clean up the line and the rest of the face without ruining your base

4.Signs of Fatigue

Late nights and nerves can lead to under-eye bags, but covering these is a lot easier than people realise.

First, pat an oil-free eye gel into the area to reduce puffiness.  Prime the eye area then using an orange toned colour corrector to counteract the blue of the shadow, pat product onto the darkest area only.

Follow with a light layer of skin-matching concealer and lightly set to finish

5.Pasty Skin

It’s a rule of nature that you will get bugs right before a big night out, ruining all your careful prep work, and leaving you pale and pasty 

Whilst we can’t prevent mother nature ruining your night, we do know that careful use of bronzer can pick up even the most pallid of complexions for as-long-as it takes to collect your Oscar.

Using a large, fluffy blush simply swipe a matt, orange-free bronzer from cheek to cheek, across the nose and blend well for a natural, sun-kissed glow in seconds. 

You can also use it on the shoulders, décolletage or anywhere the sun hits for radiance.


Why London Fashion Week NEEDS to Use Older Models

Why London Fashion Week NEEDS to Use Older Models

If there’s one thing we love (along with Beauty) at Studio10, it’s fashion. We’ve been so excited to see our makeup used on many London Fashion Week catwalks, not least for the excuse to watch the shows.

It hasn’t escaped our notice though that most models walking the catwalks are STILL women in their late teens and very early twenties. 

This even though most women who buy haute couture and high-end fashion are women in their forties.

We’ve got no issue with the younger women sent down the runway, but there must be a sense of balance to ensure that all women interested in the clothes get a realistic view of how it might translate to them.

That’s why we were so pleased to see our favorites Jane Felstead and Jilly Johnson, both beautiful, mature women with a real sense of style, picketing Fashion Week’s main venue on The Strand.

Jilly echoed our own founder Grace, when she said:

“Women don’t suddenly stop wearing or buying clothes after their twenties, so why isn’t this reflected in the models used in fashion shows?  We’ve started to be more inclusive when it comes to ethnicities and disabilities on the runway – which is fantastic - but why not all ages?”

Here, here!

As shared on her website, Beyond Fabulous, Jane said:

“Designer Simona Rocha sent older women down her catwalk, and there are one or two older women chosen, but that isn't diversity.  It's so rare, that when it happens it causes headlines and that simply shouldn't be the case.”

PR Manager for JD Williams, Suzi Burns, said:

"Surely it’s time that the fashion industry celebrates women of all ages?”

We absolutely agree.  We created a range of makeup for mature women because we wear it, buy and want it to be right for us and the same goes for clothes.   We BUY fashion.  We WEAR fashion and see women who look like us in our advertising.

The women behind the clothes are older, so the women in them should be too!

(Picture credit, JD Williams and Jane Felstead)

The Look of Love

The Look of Love

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Every Day Flawless Glamour Makeup with Olivia Newman-Young

Every Day Flawless Glamour Makeup with Olivia Newman-Young

We were thrilled to see makeup artist Olivia Newman choose not one, but three of our age-correcting, skin-perfecting makeup to use in her latest video. The look is an ideal, naturally glowing day look perfect for women of all ages.



The New Year is here, and chances are your skin is showing the effect of too much partying, too little sleep and a serious lack of care.  Make a change for good and put your best face forward for 2017


  1. Double cleanse:  Beauty and skin expert Caroline Hirons is a huge advocate for a double cleanse to ensure your skin is scrupulously clean every day


  1. Change your regime:  If you struggle to remember to remove makeup at night, skincare specialist Sarah Chapman suggests doing your cleansing regime as soon as you come home from work instead, so you avoid falling asleep with the day's dirt on your skin.


  1. Clean your tools: Make the new year the time to clean up your kit and give everything you use on your skin a deep clean – Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo recommends using a very gentle soap based cleanser, then leaving your brushes to air-dry


  1. Up your hydration:  Every time you send a text, or an email, take a sip of water. Aim to fill a litre bottle twice a day and in no time at all you will be feeling the benefits of better focus, detoxed digestion and sparkling skin from the inside out.

Five Best Places to Learn About Beauty as We Age

Five Best Places to Learn About Beauty as We Age

The most common thing we hear from mature women is that they feel stuck in a rut with their makeup, with no idea how to get out of it, or what they should be using.


The good news is there are loads of great experts and resources available to learn from.  Here are our five favourites: 


The YouTube Channel 


Whilst YouTube tutorials are generally considered the preserve of younger women, there are a couple of professional makeup artists doing incredible work sharing their knowledge of beauty for older faces.


Without a doubt, one of the best is celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.  Her channel is a treasure trove of tips and advice for all ages, but her tutorial for glowing day makeup for older women is simply an inspiration, not least because she was the trailblazer in doing it. 


Lisa recommends products for all ages and the best bit is that if you get stuck, you can just pause the video and try again.  It’s a great way to update your look. 



The Beauty Bible:

gary cockerill


Another celebrity makeup artist (and one it’s no secret, we’re huge fans of) is Gary Cockerill. His book Simply Glamorous is THE bible for women of all ages who want to understand how to how to learn pro techniques.


One of our favourite transformations is on his 70-year-old mum, where he shows that any age can wear a seriously high-glamour look. 


The Columnist:



(image from The Guardian)


If you want to know what products to love and what to avoid, you need to follow Sali Hughes.  Resident beauty columnist for The Guardian, and columnist for many other mags. Sali is a pro-artist turned journalist and life-long lover of makeup. 


Her books ‘Pretty Honest’ and the new ‘Pretty Iconic’ are the guides to both beauty brands and beauty at life stages – in Pretty Honest she even includes a guide to beauty for those going through cancer treatment which is not only valuable but incredibly important. 


We love her for her honesty and deep understanding of why women choose makeup. 


The 50 Plus Beauty Blogger



We love Angie from Hot and Flashy.  She’s funny, fabulous and passionate about sharing the truth behind the brands talking about ageing.  


She’s not shy about understanding the challenges facing women in their forties, fifties and beyond and talks to this audience exclusively. Her ‘eye-lift without surgery’ video is so popular, it’s had 750000 views.


The Beauty Brand



US!  We know it’s not #humblebragging to say it but it’s only because we’re so passionate about developing products that deliver.  We truly are a woman’s secret weapon for smooth skin, covering up the signs of ageing and adding shape with our range of quick-fix skincare-makeup.


Our founder Grace is absolutely committed to creating makeup that instead of trading on a woman’s insecurity as she ages, plays to our strengths, leaving us all feeling and looking beautiful at every age and stage. Along with that, we created a whole raft of step-by-step videos to make it easy (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU7tU0pJPHKeomzrrRE8QTQ).  

#raise1brow to cancer this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

#raise1brow to cancer this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that one in two of us will face cancer in our lifetime?


This Breast Cancer Awareness month we want everyone to #raise1brow to cancer with support charity Look Good Feel Better, who offer practical services to those suffering from the visible side effects of cancer treatment.


We created the Brow Perfecting Liner as an easy-to-do quick fix for ALL women, including those who have lost theirs through treatment.


Double ended, it features a universal defining and shaping shade and a natural-skin coloured highlighter.  Its unique shade designed to mimic hair and colour adjusts to every colour based on how hard you press, giving natural-looking brows.




•             Raise £1 by texting BROW10 to 70070

•             Raise a BROW PENCIL by buying a LGFB Studio10 Brow Perfecting Liner and Studio10 will donate one, worth £22


Buy the brow pencil here 

Introducing Perfect Skin, #NOFILTERREQUIRED

Introducing Perfect Skin, #NOFILTERREQUIRED

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Miracle Serum is 'Product of the Month'

Miracle Serum is 'Product of the Month'

Here at Studio 10 we know that the QVC Beauty customers are some of the most informed, savvy shoppers on the market.  They understand ingredients and have the highest expectations of their products. 

So we were justfiably thrilled to be given the honour of not just our first one hour show (saved only for the very best brands) but also, to see our clinically proven Miracle Effect Priming Serum be chosen as September's 'product of the month'.

Presenter Alison Young explained why, saying:

"I have never seen a skin primer (which is normally a purely instantaneous product) have such fantastic, clinically-tested results to prove that daily application can benefit the skin. These include:

  1. Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles by up to 16% within 15 minutes (said by 42% of people after 6 weeks)
  2. Reduces age spots and pigmentation by up to 15% after 6 weeks (said by 22% after 12 weeks)
  3. Improves skin firmness by up to 95% within one hour of use (said by 172% after 6 weeks)
  4. Skin hydration after 12 hours was increased by 160%
  5. Luminosity was increased by up to 14% after 6 weeks
  6. Improves puffiness and dark circles
  7. Reduces the look of enlarged pores

"For me, as a qualified beauty expert and make-up artist, the proof is always when I use the product and test it myself, and what I’ve loved about it is the skincare technologies and ingredients."

Check it out for yourself and follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with showtimes! 

Believable Bronze

Believable Bronze

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'Miracle' Celebration for Our Clinically Proven Serum

'Miracle' Celebration for Our Clinically Proven Serum

The cult anti-ageing serum currently taking the beauty industry by storm, our Miracle Effect Priming Serum was rolled out nationwide to Marks and Spencers beauty halls this month, 

We celebrated in style with the fantastic team at Marks and Spencers Guildford, along with our founder, Grace Fodor and our team of expert beauty ambassadors. 

Prosecco and chocolate were on hand as many of you turned out to ask both us and Made in Chelsea's Jane Felstead about our experiences with Miracle Effect. 

The serum offers revolutionary clinically tested skincare, which reduces wrinkles by up to 16% in 15 minutes while delivering visible anti-ageing long-term results in just two weeks.

Learn more here >


Beauty on the Fly

Beauty on the Fly

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Skincare Miracle Lands Nationwide

Skincare Miracle Lands Nationwide

We are delighted and excited to say that as from 30th June 2016 our Miracle Effect Priming Serum will be available in over 30 Marks and Spencers stores nationwide. 

This revolutionary clinically tested skin-care reduces wrinkles by up to 16% in 15 minutes while delivering visible anti-ageing long-term results in just two weeks. 

For more information about the serum visit here > 




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