Beauty On The Fly


We’re all dreaming of sunnier skies right now, so don’t forget these pro ‘beauty on the fly’ tips from the experts in the know

  1. Makeup guru Lisa Eldridge loves to turn in-flight time into spa time. She says:

“It might sound laborious but I wanted to make sure I land with fresh, glowing skin”. She makes sure she packs a full skincare kit, eye mask and tea to make travelling a treat.

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  1. Beauty Entrepreneur Jo Malone pares down her beauty products.

“I try to stick to a core palette of neutral colours, mainly nudes. A foundation and slick of lip gloss are key”

Try: Lip Perfecting Plumping Gloss, for glamour-to-go

  1. Makeup Artist to the Stars, Annie Levy, swears by multi-purpose products on landing:

“No one wants to look like the night of the living dead on landing. I always check my brows, apply a light base and dab crème blush”

Try: Visible Lift Face Definer, for one-stop define and wake-up makeup

  1. Designer Victoria Beckham is always on the go. She is a big fan of a mask when she travels and always takes a pinky nude lip-liner in her travel make-up bag for defining

Try: Age Reverse Perfecting Lip liner for a holiday perfect pout


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