It’s time to glow up! The sun is back and with the rules of lockdown adjusting, we can now spend more time outside. For those of you lucky enough to be blessed with skin that tans easily, this is a great time to get out there (with sun cream of course!) and make the most of the warm weather. However, there are some of us who need a little extra help when it comes to getting a good glow or who simply don’t have as much time to spend in the sun. So this week it’s all about one of our bestselling products that can help to give you a beautiful bronzed radiance – after all, we might not be able to go on holiday this summer, but you can fake it until you make it!

Don’t let images of bad bronzing put you off – a little bit of colour done in the right way can transform your look. Our Perfect Bronze Glow-plexion is deeply hydrating and silky smooth. It seamlessly blends and buffs, creating a streak-free, weightless ‘second-skin’ that you can build for a deeper, customised colour. Formulated especially for those with more mature skin – although truly flattering for all skin types – the perfectly balanced red-brown pigments simulate an authentic tan while the delicate shimmering golden undertones leave skin radiant and glowing. 

In addition our ultralight formula helps protect against environmental stressors with D’Orientine™ –a Date Palm Kernel Extract with free radical scavenging properties. This product is so adaptablewith its ability to smooth skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles with Gatuline® Expression, derived from the African Acmella Oleracea plant.

Here are my tips on how to apply

  • Wear our Perfect Bronze Glow-plexion on bare, moisturised skin for a simple yet standout glow.
  • Mix a small amount with your foundation and use as one product.
  • For an all over body glow, simply add a small amount to your moisturiser to get that golden shimmer.
  • Alternatively, apply over makeup to cheekbones, top of forehead, temples and bridge of nose, and blend using fingertips or a brush.



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