Grace Meets Seema

This month Grace met with leading sports presenter Seema Jaswal, to talk through staying gorgeous on the go, being a woman in a man's world and what 2018 might hold for this most impressive of career women.

Seema Jaswal


Why did you go into sports presenting and how did you get started?

My TV career started at Sky Sports where I was a Runner. Being a runner is an interesting job as the role varies from day to day. Generally, you’re on hand to help the team behind the scenes making teas and coffees and grabbing lunches, printing scripts for presenters, helping guests to settle in and generally being on hand to help.

Occasionally you’re thrown into the deep end and asked to help with shows which opened my eyes to the possibility of Presenting!

I loved my job as a Runner and genuinely tried with everyone. In doing so I felt comfortable enough to knock on the door of the boss of Sky Sports News and ask him how I could pursue a career as a Presenter.

The advice given was to work in production and work my way up or to get some live presenting experience to get used to handling an audience, talk back and the general pressures that come with hosting a show!  So that’s exactly what I did, and as they say the rest in history!

What sports do you do yourself and which is your favourite?

When I was at school I played every sport you can imagine, tennis and netball being the ones I enjoyed the most. I played wing attack in netball and my claim to fame is that I used to mark Kiera Knightly who used to tower above me even back then!

Tennis is a sport that’s close to my heart as my Grandad was a Tennis champion in Uganda so I ‘ve grown up playing the sport and am also a qualified Tennis coach. 

Fitness wise I attend Cross Fit three times a week and I am totally hooked!  It’s so good for women of all ages and fitness, I highly recommend it.

You work in sport, which historically is a male-dominated field – how important do you think your appearance is to your role?

I think appearance is important when you’re a presenter - looking presentable comes with the title. I love picking my wardrobe for my shows and always look forward to a date with the stylist!  

I believe appearance is also about how you feel internally so if you’re wearing something that makes you feel good you look good which I believe is most important!

You did a degree in sociology – do you use those skills in your everyday life?

Yes, I absolutely use the skills that I learnt during my sociology degree, the research methods are the primary skills that I still use daily.

As a Presenter you never quite know what your next project is, so researching the subject is pivotal. Sociology also involves debating topics but also being able to balance out both sides of the argument- this is something as a Presenter that is central to my role.  My degree also taught me to critically review my work which is again something we should all be brave enough to do as feedback is essential in helping you to grow.

Seema, you’re an international star with a very busy lifestyle – how do you stay looking so fresh?

It’s not always easy to stay looking fresh especially when you work in TV as the work hours are very random and it’s hard to stick to a routine.

I recently hosted the FIFA U17 World Cup in Mumbai which was extremely demanding in terms of hours and in between I flew to Bengaluru in India to host my weekly shows with the Premier League who also happened to be out in India at the same time.

I presented to a global televised audience of 700million so let’s just say pressure was on to look good!

I cannot profess to a magic recipe that can keep you looking radiant however doing the basics right make such a difference in my experience.

My must -have is water. I aim to drink three litres a day and my skin looks healthier for it. Secondly, I have to take my make up off every night and once it’s all off I always splash my face with very cold water before moisturising. Finally, diet is key, so I try my best to have some salad every day with whatever I’m eating.

Do you have any travel skincare tips?

Again, I’d firstly recommend staying hydrated, so drink lots of water as travelling does dehydrate the skin.

I always carry makeup wipes with me, so I can remove my makeup if I’m wearing any- especially when flying. I always keep a moisturiser and lip balm with me and apply both during my travels…a little more than usual as it keeps the skin supple.

If it’s a comfortable journey I also the time to switch off and sleep!

What do you use on screen – your skin looks flawless?

My makeup artists use a combination of products but generally, for TV we use Makeup Forever foundation Ultra HD which gives great coverage.

I also like Hourglass Ambience Palette and of course, Studio10 Beauty, especially the Priming Serum, which is a miracle worker.           

You worked for The Wright Stuff (a favourite of ours) what was your favourite discussion on the show and why?

There are thousands to pick from but my favourite time of the year working on The Wright Stuff was Xmas and having the good old discussion of how to react when you’re given the worst presents and what you do with them afterwards.

I hope no-one I know is reading this, but I picked up some good tips myself!

What’s next for you – what are your career plans?

Lots to look forward to until the end of the year.  I’m excited to be reporting for the UK Championships Snooker with Euro Sport in December which will also be great fun.  

I’m extremely grateful to have had such an incredible year and given how crazy it’s has been, who knows what will happen in 2018!

Follow Seema on social media @meseemajaswal.

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