GRACE'S MUSINGS: Blending the trends

GRACE'S MUSINGS: Blending the trends

Despite a certain confidence in my legs – doing the job they were intended to do, and keeping them strong, flexible and energetic because, frankly, I need them to carry me for many more miles yet – over the last couple of years I have become ever so slightly uneasy about getting too much of them out in public, unless I’m on a beach or poolside, of course. I had started to question – are bare legs perhaps more suited to youth than midlife and beyond?

Then I saw Kate Beckinsale at the Golden Globes last week, who – age 50 – looked phenomenal in her ‘no trouser’ look and full glamour mode, and I had a lightbulb moment. We’ve already seen Emma Corrin modelling Mui Mui in little other than enormous glittering – well – pants (and yes, she has youth on her side to carry it off) but it seems that suddenly, big pants are everywhere, and not in a Bridget Jones way!

When a youthful trend of cutting edge fashion tries to go mainstream, it definitely needs women like us to embrace it or it will inevitably die. Yet, I just couldn’t quite see myself embracing the ‘big pants’ look, and I certainly hadn’t seen any of my current watch-list of sassy, mid-life women working it … until I saw Kate Beckinsale.

With an oomph to the styling, making it less punk and more glamourous, and a softening of the silhouette, she has absolutely nailed how to steal from edgy youth-culture, taking something niche and making it her own, tailoring the look to her own brand of sophisticated, grown-up beauty.

It’s not just red carpet interpretations either. Our generation is bringing its own take to youth-culture and wearing it exactly the way we want to wear it. Take Claudia Winkleman, currently working the highland Goth look in her wardrobe choices and signature Dr Martens for The Traitors.

There is a definite sensibility in the 2024 collections that it’s all up for grabs. The generations are most definitely blended, fashions have merged, and more than ever we are able to take High Street or luxury labels now and make them ageless. And if I needed any more to convince me, Kate Moss – our generation’s queen of cool – celebrates turning 50 this week, and no one can question her ability to take the best of the classic catwalk and make it her own – and for us to follow.

I’m certainly going to be joining this playground, but it’s me that will be wearing the clothes, not the other way around.

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