Self-care has become the new mantra as we go into the fifth week in lockdown. We’re embracing this time to do more exercise, eat healthily and look more carefully at our skincare. Going through the motions of a beauty routine can be therapeutic – and dusting down our makeup bag doesn’t have to be solely for the purpose of those endless video conference calls, Zoom quizzes with friends or FaceTime with our families! So this week we are continuing our four simple steps for a good makeup routine with step three – Shape. With so many different face shapes, and areas that need highlighting or camouflaging, adding shape and definition can accentuate and enhance these features, creating a natural looking lift to our face.

Eyebrows are a feature that can lose gravity as we start to age – the ‘tails’ of our eyebrows begin to drop making the eye look droopy. The key to keeping shape here lies in shaping and defining the arch of the brow to counteract the appearance of slack facial muscles and to open out the eyes. Below are my tips for adding definition and colour to your eyebrows to achieve the right shape for you.

  1. Place your eyebrow pencil along the side of your nose – this will tell you where your eyebrows should start.
  2. Angle the pencil to the outer corner of your eye from your nose – this will tell you where your eyebrows should end.
  3. Use soft dash-like strokes to mimic the line of your brow hair and fill in any sparse areas. If you are using our Brow Lift Perfecting Liner, you can gradually build colour by adding more pressure to achieve the right colour for you.
  4. Use the lighter skin-toned end of our liner under the hairline and blend to create a highlighted and lifted look.


Our lips are another area that can lose shape and begin to thin as we age, so adding definition with a lip liner and a pop of colour with a tinted balm, gloss or lipstick will give your lips a fuller appearance. Below are my tips to define your lips.

  1. Apply our Age Reverse Perfecting Lip Liner to the outer edges of your lips using short, light-handed strokes.
  2. Using a lip brush, gently blend the lip liner to avoid creating a harsh line around your lips.
  3. Fill in and colour the rest of your lips with lipstick or lip gloss to create beautiful and full-looking lips. Try our Lip Perfecting Balm Gloss for a treatment, balm and gloss all in one!



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