Crow’s feet are common with mature skin – and they’re not just our ‘smile lines’! A natural reduction in collagen, as well as sun exposure and dehydration, accentuates the loss of elasticity around our eyes.

There are some exceptionally effective skincare products on the market – the key ingredients to look out for are hyaluronic acid and peptides – but as with all fine lines and wrinkles, applying your makeup can be difficult in this area. Here are my top tips.

Prime your skin. Use a hydrating primer that will essentially act to fill in the lines and groves around your eyes

Avoid concealer here if you can as there’s a tendency for this product to settle in the creases. If you can’t live without it, just use a small amount that is enough to brighten the area and blend well

When applying your eye shadow, prime your lids and then cover with a neutral shade before adding a colour. Stick to powders rather than creams as these tend to sink into lines  

Use a bold cream blush that gives you a healthy glow and draws the eye to your defined cheekbones, rather than your crow’s feet

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Get flawless, perfected skin in an instant with this 4-in-1 concealer-to-foundation palette that primes, conceals, colour corrects and brightens.

Use the primer to minimise fine lines and enlarged pores or to target oily areas. Neutralise redness or blemishes, and conceal dark circles and pigmentation, with the green and peach colour correctors. Then brighten the under-eye area, while softly contouring cheekbones, with the lighter shade.

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