Festival Ready in a FLASH!

Festival season is here and being a grown-up is no excuse not to head off for a weekend of glamping and musical indulgence (if it’s good enough for Bridget Jones after all).


You don’t have to worry about sacrificing your style credentials entirely though – looking great all weekend is simply a matter of picking intelligent beauty and style options that can be used in many ways.

Makeup is the perfect example of this – here’s our super quick ‘insta-ready’ guide to festival glam in a flash!

1. Create The Perfect Base Take an all-in-one concealer and foundation. Palettes are better than tubes, which tend to get stepped on and squeezed.

Age Repair Perfect Canvas

2. Eyes That Shimmer!

Smudge on a nude colour, dab a little clear gloss onto the lid then pat glitter onto the eye and around the socket for a little festival shimmer

Visible Lift I-Definer

3. Coat Lashes With a Ton of Mascara

Don’t worry if it gets a little smudgy, festival glam is about as far from perfect as it’s possible to get.

6-in-1 Perfect Lash Mascara

4. Use a Multi-Purpose Lip/Cheek Product

Our Wake Up & Glow Lip/Cheek Flush is ideal! Simply pat into the cheeks and lips. Again, don’t spend too much time on this, you should look carefree.



Finally, don’t forget the dry shampoo and a ton of pins – keep the hair messy and up to hide any sins over the weekend. Dust the roots with more glitter if you want to go all out!

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