Just before lockdown descended once more, I had a fabulous and hugely enjoyable opportunity to catch up with Dr Nina Bal, the highly respected and well-known Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Facial Aesthetics Doctor. You might recognise her as Dr Nina, the official cosmetic dentist in the TV series Bodyfixers, or from This Morning with Holly and Phil, and with a couple of awards behind her and an immensely successful clinic, I couldn’t wait to hear about her incredible work. Passionate about enhancing a patient’s innate beauty, her philosophy is ‘less is more’ – a woman after my own heart!

Can you tell us a little about your motivation that led to founding Facial Sculpting?

After working for many years in dentistry and aesthetics, I felt that there was definitely a gap in the market for offering high quality, non-surgical facial aesthetics treatments combined with dental knowledge and assessment. When I look at someone’s face, I examine it as a whole with my dental hat on, with my aesthetics knowledge and with my passion for beauty to offer a comprehensive hyper-customised treatment plan.

Can you give us a brief insight into the intricacies of aesthetic dentistry and non-invasive facial sculpting working alongside each other?

They are inseparable. An asymmetry of the nose to mouth lines is often due to teeth malocclusions or teeth crowding, lips can be connected to a gummy smile, and a weak chin is often due to a skeletal jaw malocclusion. I combine dental and aesthetics treatments for the most comprehensive approach and best results.

What is your overriding drive?

My patients’ gratitude and satisfaction.

An aspect of your work that gives you the greatest sense of achievement.

My patients’ increased self-esteem at the review appointment. A message, a card, a review or any other genuine signs of gratitude and appreciation.

Most popular procedure or treatment that women ask for?

The majority of my clients ask: “What can I do to make the most of my face shape or target signs of ageing?” So – it’s a combination of neurotoxin, dermal fillers and thread lifts for anything from frown lines and Crow’s feet to jowls and nose to mouth lines.

Do you think that a misplaced societal judgement still exists for women who choose tweakments and procedures?

I think that this is happening less and less. So many celebrities now openly admit to and talk about what they have had done and this really helps. The stigma around procedures and tweakments is definitely reducing.

You’re also passionate about improving the inner beauty of your clients – what advice would you give to midlife women who feel invisible, undervalued and unattractive?

Absolutely! Self-love is the first important step. Do something that you are passionate about, that brings you joy and that makes you feel fulfilled.

Hardest challenge you’ve had to face?

Being a young woman with a foreign accent in a field dominated by middle aged men.

Your proudest achievement?

My two boys – and my two Awards.

How do you unwind and relax?

Spending time with my children, walking in nature – and taking time out just for myself.

Favourite destination?

Anywhere in Italy, my native country.

Top beauty ‘must have’ in your makeup bag?

Mascara, eye liner, concealer and bronzer. I love the Studio10 6-in1 Mascara!

Desert island disc, book and luxury item?

Any Beyonce track.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

A Chanel beach bag.

And finally, your favourite quote?

Be fully present and in full acceptance of the present moment.


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