London Fashion Week NEEDS Older Women

If there’s one thing we love (along with Beauty) at Studio10, it’s fashion. We’ve been so excited to see our makeup used on many London Fashion Week catwalks, not least for the excuse to watch the shows.


It hasn’t escaped our notice though that most models walking the catwalks are STILL women in their late teens and very early twenties. 

This even though most women who buy haute couture and high-end fashion are women in their forties.

We’ve got no issue with the younger women sent down the runway, but there must be a sense of balance to ensure that all women interested in the clothes get a realistic view of how it might translate to them.

That’s why we were so pleased to see our favorites Jane Felstead and Jilly Johnson, both beautiful, mature women with a real sense of style, picketing Fashion Week’s main venue on The Strand.

Jilly echoed our own founder Grace, when she said:

“Women don’t suddenly stop wearing or buying clothes after their twenties, so why isn’t this reflected in the models used in fashion shows?  We’ve started to be more inclusive when it comes to ethnicities and disabilities on the runway – which is fantastic - but why not all ages?”

Here, here!

As shared on her website, Beyond Fabulous, Jane said:

“Designer Simona Rocha sent older women down her catwalk, and there are one or two older women chosen, but that isn't diversity.  It's so rare, that when it happens it causes headlines and that simply shouldn't be the case.”

PR Manager for JD Williams, Suzi Burns, said:

"Surely it’s time that the fashion industry celebrates women of all ages?”

We absolutely agree.  We created a range of makeup for mature women because we wear it, buy and want it to be right for us and the same goes for clothes.   We BUY fashion.  We WEAR fashion and see women who look like us in our advertising.

The women behind the clothes are older, so the women in them should be too!

(Picture credit, JD Williams and Jane Felstead)

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