Stop Calling Me Old!

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I’ve not met anyone who likes being called ‘old’.  I certainly don’t, especially when it describes women in their fifties and comes with such negative stereotypes.  FIFTIES - really; old?!

Whether I’m labelled old, technically I’m middle-aged, but either way, the connotations are all negative and leave us feeling invisible, undervalued and unattractive.

Beauty doesn’t just belong to youth, it’s ageless and age is no longer a predictor of performance.  My biggest relief came when I found out that not only am I not alone, I'm in fact, in the majority. 


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In a study by We Are Superhuman of 50+ Women, a huge 96% of us shared that we don’t feel middle-aged and 81% don’t identify with society's perception of what it looks like.  

The truth is that we’re nothing like the stereotypes suggest. We’re experienced, ambitious, informed and as beautiful as our younger counterparts. We’re starting businesses, like Trinny Woodall, or writing books on fashion like Alyson Walsh. We’re challenging ourselves and women to stand up and be counted like Oprah did just this week at the Golden Globes. A massive 67% of us consider ourselves in the very prime of our lives. 

Studio10 is more than skin deep -  it’s a MOVEMENT.  

I’m passionate about redefining beauty for women as they age and redefining age. Standing up to be the pro-age, pro-beauty voice that gives us the recognition we ALL deserve.


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So, let’s stand united and challenge these outdated misconceptions of middle-age that rob us of our beauty, self-esteem and confidence. Let’s do it for ourselves. And let’s inspire the next generation to stamp out ageism once and for all.

It’s time to be seen, and be heard.

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