Top Stylists Tips for Women of All Ages

Along with our friend Made in Chelsea’s Jane Felstead we had the pleasure of attending the Sheerluxe Fashion event, covering style advice for every age and budget.

As well as our makeup artists making their mark on some of the influencers in attendance, Grace, our founder got to sit in on talks with some of the most inspirational, knowledgeable stylists in the industry today.

We’ve curated the best advice and listed everyone to follow on Instagram to get you through every season in style, at every age.

Trinny Woodall

1: Dress for YOU

Everyone’s favourite stylist Trinny Woodhall shared that she suggests really knowing your body type and embracing it, to get the best out of your wardrobe.  Pick your favourite bit (get a friend to do it if you can’t) and really accentuate it – build your outfit around it.

2. Learn About Light and Shade

As in makeup, light and shade matter.  Trinny reminds us to remember that dark shades minimise whilst pale shades bring an area forward, adding structure and definition.  You can use that rule to cleverly slim areas you feel less confident about, creating an illusion of shape. 

Victoria Genevieve


3. Invest in Coats

Victoria Genevieve advises buying a good coat, that fits well, especially if you spend a lot of time out and about.  For high-end Reiss is great, but Zara do great structured numbers.

 Style blogger ‘Stylist Mum’ advises a grey, straight cut winter version that can be dressed up or down and a trench for year-round classic style.  You can even drape it over your shoulders for careful layering during mid-season difficult weather.

4. Go to Court

Victoria also says that every woman needs a good, neutral pair of courts.  Buy the best you can so they last and are as comfortable as possible – they never go out of style.


5. Get Inspired

Stylist to the stars Deborah Sheridan-Taylor suggests curating looks you like using sites like Pinterest, then working which elements will work for you.  Don’t try to copy looks exactly, instead tailor them with older pieces you still love.

6. Shop the High-Street

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best buys.  Pre-loved can be a great way of trying a trend or getting something unique and we have a wonderful high-street that offers fantastic, fast-turnaround fashion. Zara is a big favourite, as is Topshop – yes, even if you’re older!  You can wear the same clothes as your daughter, provided you know what works for you and wear it with confidence.

That said the blogger Kat Farmer, who is behind ‘Does My Bum Look Forty’ would NEVER actually share a wardrobe with her daughter – far too many rows ahead that way!

7. Jean Genie

A great pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential.  If you wear them a lot, Topshop is a great place to visit.  Curvy girls can find nicely cut jeans at Zara Curve and the stylists favourites across the board are Donna Ida.  If you wear them occasionally, go all out and spend on a great fitting pair.

donna ida

8. Look at Long AND Short

Found a skirt you love but it’s too long?  The panel recommends seeing if they do it in the petite section.  The same applies if you want a slightly longer length.  Most brands now have tall and short versions of their clothing and you can wear them to get a tailored look for you.

9. Lead with the Wrist

Stylist and blogger ‘Mother Pukka’ advises leading with the wrist – the slimmest bit on any woman.  Make sure it’s dressed beautifully (hello accessories) and work back!

10. Be Careful Who You Ask

Children and husbands are NOT the people to ask for advice.  Chose a friend whose style you admire and take her shopping OR get a stylist to cull your wardrobe!

11. Get Quality

When it comes to style as an older woman, ‘gravity is a bitch’ the panel agreed.  Plain T-shirts are the one item that can really be unflattering. 

Whilst you can get decent lower cost shirts, make sure they’re sparklingly clean – as soon as the white dulls or the black fades replace them.  If you want to spend more on one great T-Shirt, like Isabelle Marant and it will last, and look, far better than ten nasty cheap alternatives. 



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