I’ve heard so many of my female friends express their exasperation over how applying makeup has got so much more complicated as they have got older. Ladies, this really shouldn’t be so! Regardless of how little time you may have each morning, it really is all about using the right formulas and the right techniques.

Make Made Easy: 4 Simple Steps to Ageless Beauty

If you’re over 40 or, like me, are in your 50s, it is frustrating how formulas and shades simply weren’t designed with women like us in mind. They don’t make the most of our complexions and may even age our skin.

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That’s why I created Studio10 and why I’m reaching out here to show how some subtle changes – in both product and technique – can make a huge difference. Simple and swift, these pro-makeup tips and tricks for older women, will leave you looking and feeling your best; empowered to celebrate your age and wear it with pride and confidence.


Preparing your face is an absolute must for ensuring makeup looks flawless. Diminishing hormone levels mean our skin becomes drier, so always apply a supercharged serum, such as Miracle Effect Serum, under your foundation.

Instantly boosting and brightening, it powerfully hydrates, smooths, protects and evens skin tone with its antioxidant-rich, concentrated formula – creating a more youthful flush to your skin.

How to: Simply press Miracle Effect Serum onto cleansed skin and smooth over face, neck and décolleté.


My most important tip here is to keep your makeup looking natural and light.


Despite dark circles, redness or areas of high pigmentation, don’t be tempted to reach for a thick concealer or foundation – they’ll most certainly sink into any fine lines and risk making them look more pronounced.

Feather-light, creamy and packed with hydration-boosting and smoothing skincare actives, Hydra-Lift I-Corrector erases dark shadows fast, restoring refreshed, wide-awake eyes with no risk of caking or flaking.

How to: Sweep under eyes and brow bone, then gently blend. If you’re over 40, do remember to apply concealer above your eye also; instantly refreshing and lifting, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!


Achieve the most flattering look when you switch to an advanced treatment foundation like Age Repair Perfect Canvas. Formulated especially for mature skin, this ultra-lightweight and intensely hydrating base smooths, firms and conditions as it builds cashmere-soft, skin-true coverage. What’s more, its skincare active base subtly reflects light, creating a soft and very youth-enhancing lit-from-within glow.

 …And before I forget, regardless of age, everyone should protect their skin from the sun – meaning my SPF30-enhanced formula delivers in every possible way!

 How to: Blend the two shades in each palette to achieve your personal match, then apply to forehead, cheeks, bridge of nose and chin, and blend outwards.


Eyes – Brows

Through our 40s and 50s, our brows can become thin and our whole eye area in general look less defined. Enhancing your natural brow will not only lift your eyes, but also frame your face and bring your whole look together.

Ultra-smooth and creamy, Brow Lift Perfecting Liner cleverly adjusts to your natural brow tone, for a fuller, more defined yet truly natural look.

How to: Feather upwards and out along the eyebrow.

 Eyes – Lids

First and foremost, prime your lids! This helps even out the skin on your upper eye, creating a bright, wide-awake look that lasts all day.

 Secondly, when it comes to eye makeup for over 40s, I’d recommend avoiding too much sparkle… eye shadows with a delicate sheen or shimmer in them are far more flattering. My Visible Lift I-Radiance palette is, in my opinion, the only palette you’ll need for versatile and effortlessly enhancing eye looks for every occasion.

 Onto eyeliner – one of my mature skin makeup favourites! I simply love how the right liner really brings out our eyes’ best features. Creamy, waterproof, buildable and universally flattering, my I-Lift Longwear Liner highlights, shapes and defines – enhancing your natural look while adding an instantly refreshing, youthful flush to the eye area.

 How to: Finely sweep along the lash line and blend out to soften.

 Eyes – Lashes

Full, curvaceous lashes make eyes look more awake and youthful. Plus, once we reach our 40s, we’re also looking for stronger, longer and more nourished lashes too. My 6-in-1 Perfect Lash Mascara really does offer it all with its clump-free and richly conditioning formula.

 How to:Start right as the roots and work outwards in a gentle zig-zag motion. Use the tip of the wand for enhanced length and separation.


As with your base, our best move here is keeping the tones and formulas we use natural and light.


One fast and effective way to restore coveted youthful radiance is with bronzer and blush. Here, we’re looking for skin-true tones that also offer subtle warmth – returning energy and radiance to our mature complexions.

 My Wake Up & Glow Lip & Cheek Flush is the ultimate complexion pick-me-up – ideal especially for those of us over 40 – while the super-fine powder in my Radiance Glow Bronzing Veil give a weightless finish that reveals natural warmth without any risk of settling into fine lines.

How to: Instantly awaken your complexion and create the illusion of lifted cheekbones by dabbing onto the higher sections of your cheekbones and blending upwards and outwards. Trust me, you’ll be thrilled with how well this trick works in adding both a youthful flush of colour to your face.

Also, highlight only where the sun would kiss your face, so the brows, bridge of your nose and cheekbones.


Restore natural fullness, softness and smoothness to your lips with the right liner and lip colour.

For women over 40, it’s vital we choose a lip formula that’s deeply hydrating, therefore ensuring smoother and more even coverage while also helping boost lip volume and diminish fine lines.

The supremely flattering colours selected for all my lip glosses and flushes enhance your natural colour, regardless of skin tone, delivering confidence-boosting colour and enviable shine.

My one must-have lip care must-have? As the border of our lips soften with age, it’s vital we have a conditioning, highlighting and naturally flattering lip liner. Honestly, I’m never without our Age Reverse Perfecting Lip Liner.

Nourishing and creamy, it enhances the natural shape and definition of my lips, disguises fine lines and ensures my lip colour never migrates.

In summary, when it comes to makeup for older women, less is absolutely more. Yes, I’m all for keeping things fuss-free, fast and simple, but it’s not down to any laziness… it’s simply the fact we should never use layers of makeup to hide our finest features, but simply use the right formulas wisely.


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