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Since she first burst onto our screens as a fresh-faced teen Anthea Turner has been synonymous with youth and energy, and decades later she’s not slowing down.

Grace sat with her to talk ageless beauty, life after divorce and get the lowdown on a VERY exciting new venture!

Anthea Turner

What is the main beauty problem you have found with age Anthea, and how have you dealt with it?

I think the one thing that has changed is the tone of my skin – up until 45 you don’t notice, especially as it’s gradual and then I suddenly found myself looking at my skin and hands and going ‘are those mine’?

I have found an insurance policy – I take Rejuvenated Collagen Shots, which has made a difference.  I’ve used it over an extended period – all these things need at least three months to be effective. 

What changes would you recommend for combatting the effects of ageing?

I’m now far more vigilant about things like body lotion - especially on legs and areas of sun exposure, which show the signs of wear and tear faster.

I’m also a lot more circumspect about the sun - Vitamin D is good for you, but I don’t want a dry chest so I won’t be out in the sun for longer than it takes for me to get my fix.

Could you share your own pro-ageing tips with our readers?

Try Eva Fraser facial exercises, I’m a huge fan.  We go to the gym but we forget our faces, and yet those muscles are what keep our faces toned and lifted.  Just try smiling, but without causing eye crinkles and hold that – it’s an art form and it makes you look totally different.

And stand up straight – deportment is everything – put your shoulders back, look in a full-length mirror.  Hang your hands down – if they naturally sit in front of your thighs you have rounded shoulders – they should be at your hips. Pilates can help with this.

And finally, never be one of those people who are asleep to things.  Fashion is a wonderful example.  Don’t be a slave to it but enjoy the fact that high street fashion has never been better.

Be careful with your choices - especially if you’re petite. Just because you CAN fit into things, doesn’t always mean you SHOULD wear it.  Ignore prices too and go with what looks great - I have clothes from Topshop, Zara, and Stella McCartney, where I got the best pair of flared cropped jeans.  I paired them for a night out with an M and S top and I’d never felt better!

You’ve just released your new book ‘How to Survive Divorce’. Tell us why you decided to write a book about divorce particularly?

I was looking for something that was appropriate to me and there was nothing out there.  This book isn’t a ‘survival guide for everyone’, it’s quite specifically aimed at the challenges faced by older women – those of us in our 40s, 50s, and 60s.

For us, the optimism of youth is no longer there and the approach to coping with a separation needs to be quite different.

How to Survive Divorce

What are your key ‘divorce survival’ tips?

Firstly, make sure this is absolutely what you want.  If there is any way at all that you can save the relationship, then do.  You do not want to get a few years down the line and wonder why you went through all this, or regret anything.

You’ll inevitably hear lots of well-meaning advice from others, including plenty of you ‘SHOULD’ do this or you ‘MUST’ do that.  I always tell women to only do what THEY feel right doing.  No dating before you’re ready, or dramatic makeovers.

Avoid knee jerk reactions – and watch out for anger.  Nothing is harder to deal with than a calm, rational woman.  And when it comes to finances, put a business head on.  This isn’t personal.

Anthea Turner 2

How do you feel divorce impacts women and their confidence?

Oh, horribly! We are women so our confidence is rarely great anyway.  It can really make you question yourself, even if you’re 100% certain divorce is right for you.  When you split in your 20s it’s usually easier but a long-term relationship impacts every area of your life and that can be so challenging to overcome.

What advice do you give to women on their style and confidence going through a divorce?

Be kind to yourself.  There’s this falling apart, but inevitably there eventually must be a building back up.  You’ve got to dust yourself off and try to see it as an opportunity to reposition your life.  Go to the cinema and see what YOU want to see.  Eat the foods YOU like.

And have a good clearing out.  Find a trusted friend or family member who’s style you love and ask them to help you have a bit of a makeover.  Go to the gym or to a local class (nothing feels better than running into an ex when you feel good).

I met a woman on Lorraine who I interviewed and she said it was like meeting herself after 20 years – who do you want to meet?

At Home Box

We’re excited to share that you now have a new partnership in your life – The At Home Box Company – tell us about it?

I’m known for my love of interiors and a sense of pride in caring for one's home.  I’m not a designer but I do really enjoy putting together beautiful interiors, as does Sarah Jones, my partner.  We decided to come up with a monthly box, designed to be kept, with four gorgeous gifts for you and your home.

Sounds wonderful – what sort of things can we expect?

The aim is to inspire you in your home and leave you feeling nurtured and spoiled so we have all sorts of treats planned. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I’m really excited and can’t wait for the first box to go out!

Visit the website,, for a sneak peek of what is in the first box

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