I was delighted to be asked to be part of Anniki Somerville’s Podcast Series – ‘How to be a boss at ageing.’

We discussed confidence, challenging out-dated stereotypes and being judged on how we look and choose to age –whether this is naturally or with the help of ‘tweakments.’

Living in a society that is becoming increasingly youth orientated, sometimes it’s too easy for midlife women to feel invisible.  I find myself surrounded by negative anti-ageing stereotypes that simply don’t reflect how I feel or live my life. 

For me, beauty doesn’t just belong to youth, it is ageless. This is why I want to celebrate my age, to wear it proudly and feel truly confident. 

I’m passionate about redefining beauty for women as they age – about redefining age full stop. Standing up to be the PRO AGE, with a pro-beauty voice that gives us the recognition we ALL deserve. 

Let’s change the face of ageing to look and feel our most beautiful and confident selves.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and views!

Listen HERE

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