Lush of Flush

We’re excited to launch our latest beauty innovation Wake Up & Glow Lip/Cheek Flush, our perfectly pretty, instant way to add a flattering pop of colour to lips and cheeks. 

It’s a next generation fusion lipstick, cheek colour and treatment in one.  The unique PH balancing pigments help stain the lips and cheeks for super long-last wear that won’t dry, flake or cake.

For long-term skin benefits, we’ve fused an ultra-nourishing made from 100% natural plant butter.  For locked-in hydration, we’ve included Hyaluronic Acid and for intense care we’ve added Vitamin E to moisturise and protect.

Finally, a cashmere-like formula applies weightlessly for the ultimate ‘no makeup makeup’ finish.

Available in three shades: Peach, Tearose and Roseberry, it’s this summer’s handbag must have.  Already loved by Beauty Editors, Woman and Home have already included it in their ‘new beauty rules’.

woman and home lush of flush

Application couldn’t be easier, no matter what your beauty experience is.  For a light, youthful blush simply dot colour to the highest point of the cheekbones, directly under the iris, then tap into the skin in a circular motion for the most natural blush.

TIP: A little goes a long way, so remember – less is more.

For lips, you can either swipe across lips for an ultra-nourishing all-day-stain, or, for a more natural ‘just-been-kissed’ finish, dot into the centre of the lips and pat outwards – no need to blot.

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