The Next Generation Lip Gloss

A softly lit peach that brings moisture and plumpness without the weight

  • A triple-action lip treatment, balm and gloss

  • Smooths, nourishes and Hydrates lips 

  • The perfect suit-all shade to brighten the skin

  • formulated with skincare ingredients to act like a nourishing balm

  • Hydrates Like a Hyaluronic Serum

  • Plumps and volumises like a plumper 

  • The High-Shine style of a Gloss with a shimmer of gold

  • Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, No Nasties 

  • Vegan Approved formula

  • Lightweight and non-sticky, perfect for summer 

  • Dermatologically tested 

It's your Summer Lip Story

"This has changed my life! Its the perfect balm gloss. Perfect for moisturising like a balm and lipgloss all-in-one! Love the shade too!" 

Meet your ultimate lip treat.  A Triple-action tinted lip treatment, balm and gloss soothes, smooths and hydrates your lips in a flattering warm peachy-gold hue.  The perfect balm gloss to enhance your lips in a lightweight, non-sticky and long-lasting glossy glow.


What is it?

Meet your ultimate lip treat – our triple-action tinted lip treatment, balm and gloss soothes, smooths and refines while enhancing with a supremely flattering warm peachy-gold hue.  One sweep of this advanced blend of Hyaluronic Acid filling spheres, antioxidant Vitamin E and collagen-boosting Amino Acids delivers enviable shine and natural lip colour through a lightweight, non-sticky and long-lasting glossy glow.  Effortless yet so effective, lips feel instantly nourished and more voluminous, fine lines are smoothed and texture and tone refined.

What it does for you?

Boost moisture, plump lips and create a soft, smooth texture with Hyaluronic Acid filing spheres.  Stimulate collagen production, fortify lip texture and tone, and create natural, soft lip contours with Amino Acids.  Helps protect from environmental and lifestyle aggressors with Vitamin E.  Plumps and adds volume with a refreshing feel, whilst working to increase the 'va va voom' effect.

Where does it go?

Sweep over lips, following natural contours, for instant colour, gloss and enviable shine.  Enhance your lip shape and give the illusion of fullness and youthful lip line using the Age Reverse Lip Perfector lip liner - a clever little pencil that tricks the eye into seeing gorgeously full and kissable lips.  Pair with Wake Up & Glow to build lip colour that lasts, and finish with a quick pat to the cheeks to bring your whole lockdown look together with just 3 products.  

Why is Studio 10 Different?

Studio 10 have created clever 'Quick Fix’ makeup solutions.  This capsule collection of high-performance PRO AGE quick-fixes are formulated for maturing and mature skins.  Enriched with the best skincare and anti-pollution ingredients. Vegan formula, Cruelty free, paraben free and dermatologically tested these are your new beauty heroes.  Hailed as ‘genius’ by India Knight of the Sunday Times, these ‘real -skin’ essentials are a shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty.

What Our Customers Say 

"It's got this gorgeous Apricoty-Peachy colour, it looks and feels really good

"Our latest lipstick crush, we absolutely love it"

Balm Gloss + Wake Up & Glow = The Perfect Match 😍

  • When time is short and my complexion is tired, lacklustre and in need of a fast, effortless pick-me-up.  this multi-tasking lip and cheek tint swiftly adds a healthy flush of fresh-faced colour.

  • Wake up and glow in less than 60 seconds with our instant boost 3-in-1 skin treatment plus lip and cheek tint.

  • Blending an ultra-nourishing Hyaluronic Acid-enriched balm with unique PH-balancing pigments, the result is a creamy, cashmere-soft and buildable formula.

  • Instantly awaken your complexion with the perfect suit-all shade that brightens your face with a healthy natural glow.

  • finish with a dash of peachy-gold balm gloss to keep your lips nourished, hydrated and zoom-ready all day long.  

Makeup Tutorial

60 Seconds to Zoom -Ready!

High-Performing, PRO AGE, Smart Beauty Quick-Fixes  

 'High-performing, capsule collection of PRO AGE quick-fixes formulated for maturing and mature skins.  The products are enriched with the best skincare and anti-pollution ingredients that are cruelty free, paraben free, dermatologically tested and vegan friendly.  Hailed as ‘genius’ by India Knight of the Sunday Times, these ‘real -skin’ essentials are a shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty.


Who is Balm Gloss For?

  • Seasonal Changes Leave Your Lips Dried Out 

    Seasonal change and a busy schedule cause my lips to become dry and dehydrated.  They need intense nourishment and protection, yet I still desire confidence-boosting colour, gloss and volume.  The answer?  A triple-action lip treatment, balm and gloss.

  • You're Looking for A Gloss That Isn't Sticky 

    Our triple-action balm gloss delivers a high-shine gloss without the gloopy stickiness you normally get with lip glosses.  With a natural lip-enhancing shade and a lightweight, non-sticky and long-lasting glossy glow.

  • Those Who Don't Normally Wear Makeup 

    You tend not to wear makeup everyday but since the lockdown began, you've noticed your lips are even more direr and dehydrated than normal.  With an easy-to-use sponge tip applicator and buildable colour, this lovely summery balm will treat your lips and brighten your face without the faff.   

  • You Want A Bit of Volume But Not The Ouch of a Plumping Gloss 

    We've all been there - moments after you apply a plumping lip gloss the sting kicks in and your lips are on fire!  Our perfecting lip balm gives a little bit of extra volume without the ouch!  

  • Those Who Simply Desire More Comfort 

    With busy days and an endless list of tasks that never seems to get any smaller - dry, chapped lips is the last thing you want to have to deal with.  Our balm is packed with skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, collagen boosters and nourishing plant oils.  So you'll never have to worry about dry, chapped lips ever gain.   

  • Those Who Absolutely Won't Compromise on Ethics and Values    

    With Studio 10, you won't ever have to compromise your values.  The whole range is vegan and paraben-free.  And our formulas contain no nasty surprises such as mineral oils and we are cruelty-free. 

  • Beauty For Everyone With Formulas That Treat

    Our formulas contains skincare serum formulas that treat your skin, surface protectors that care for skin and suit-all colours that have been perfected in Italy to enhance, flatter and brighten mature skins.  Our formulas treat your skin with added hydrators to keep your skin hydrated, antioxidants to protect against ageing and boost skin-plumping collagen and nourishing plant oils to care and restore.      

  • Those Who Simply Desire More Comfort 

    If the denture fits well, but you simply want a cushion between the hard acrylic denture base and your gums, DenSureFit’s lightweight soft silicone provides a soft thin cushioning without adding extra bulk to the interior of the denture.

  • Those Who Want to Reduce or Eliminate Denture Adhesive-Use

    DenSureFit is NOT adhesive. DenSureFit is a soft silicone liner that only needs to be replaced every few months. There is no daily application. Many people are able to go adhesive-free with DenSureFit. Others are able to greatly reduce the amount of adhesive they use and are able to switch to powder adhesive, which users report being a great improvement over the pastes when used on top of their DenSureFit liner.

  • Those Who Have a New Hard Reline

    If the hard reline is not producing the fit you desire, many find that applying DenSureFit fine-tunes the fit. The lightweight DenSureFit silicone makes a much more detailed impression of the mouth than the hard acrylic material, so when applied over a new reline, the fit is naturally improved.

Say NO To Dressed Up Mainstream Makeup Products That Don't...

work for mature skins with our PRO AGE quick fix skincare-makeup.  Your shortcut for flawless skin & ageless beauty.  Cruelty & Paraben-free, Vegan friendly.  Spring pretty balm gloss works perfectly for you because as you age, you start to lose pigmentation and colouring in the skin.  A swish of brighter lipstick lifts the face and opens the eyes.  Plumping, non-sticky and ideal for creating fullness (no needles) - it’s our ‘suits all’ perfecting bliss!  LOVE it or your money back. Guaranteed.

How is Perfecting Lip Balm Gloss different from other brands?

  • Perfecting Lip Balm Gloss uses natural plant extracts and nourishing oils, not mineral oil 

  • Skincare serum formula to treat and care for your skin as well as a beautiful peachy suit-all shade and lightweight, non-gloopy finish

  • no stickiness

  • hydrates, brightens, lifts and tones the shape of your mouth

  • adds a little extra volume for a naturally plumped lip
  • fragrance-free, paraben-free and vegan 

  • colour-blended perfection to suit all skins with a golden-hued, naturally glossy, high-shine finish  

  • Free from talc and other toxic ingredients

  • 3-in-1 lip treatment, lip balm and lip gloss 

  • Formulated like a skincare product with hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, vitamin c and collagen spheres 

  • Apply a single, light-reflecting layer to nourish, moisture, plump and hydrate lips with just a hint of skin-brightening colour 

  • apply several coats to build the colour

Vegan Approved

Studio 10 uses ingredients that don't contain any nasties.  We are proudly vegan-approved, paraben-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Trusted by Thousands

Studio 10 is used by hundreds of professional makeup artists for prime TV, film and photographic work, as well as bridal makeup and styling.  Loved by over 1 million customers worldwide, Studio 10 is the makeup everyone is talking about for the over 30s. 


You deserve to look good and feel great with ease and confidence.

Worry about how you look in video meetings?  Trying to quickly apply makeup that doesn't really work for you?   Reapplying lip balm and gloss because the more you apply, the drier your lips seem to feel?  Lipstick stuck on your teeth when you smile?  Worried about nasty ingredients that will irritate your eyes and clog your skin?  Worse still, products that are tested on animals?  Do you look around to see how others are looking or how they are looking at you?  Is the life you want slipping away…ignored by mainstream media and furious with advertisers who only use 20-something models and younger, to promote beauty products to you?  If you feel your life revolves around the needs of others, don’t worry.  You’re not alone. 74% of the over 40s feel that many products and services don't reflect our needs.  STUDIO 10 IS MORE THAN SKIN DEEP - IT'S A MOVEMENT and we’ve got you covered with smart formulas and clever colours that work perfectly for you.