This month it has been an absolute pleasure to catch up with Jenni Falconer – running podcast host, TV presenter, radio broadcaster and founder of the liquid collagen supplement Kollo. Yet another strong and inspirational woman. Jenni talks about her motivation behind Kollo – of which I’m a huge fan and use daily – and discusses the importance of health and fitness for our overall wellbeing, her values and personal routines for a healthier lifestyle, together with some of her top makeup tips.


What motivated you to develop your own brand of liquid collagen supplement – and how does Kollo distinguish itself from other liquid collagen supplements on the market?

I love running. I have for my entire adult life, and as a result I’ve always been aware of the health benefits of taking a collagen supplement – supporting joints, bones and cartilage, as well as aiding post-exercise recovery – and there are so many! I have taken collagen for years and when I first started taking it, I also noticed improvements in my skin – the spots I had in my 20s went away, and makeup artists I was working with would regularly compliment my skin and ask what I was doing differently. It took a while, but eventually I worked out that collagen was behind the radiance!

Given such a positive experience, I decided to create my own brand, but I wanted to offer an easy- to-take liquid version, as this is far more easily absorbed. I also preferred marine collagen – I haven't eaten red meat since the age of 15, plus all of the research shows that marine collagen is better quality than bovine collagen. One key essential was making sure that the taste was spot on too – who wants to take a supplement that is revolting?! So we worked for a long time to make sure we got it right. The end result is a delicious, fruity taste, which our customers all love. And so – after a bit of hard work – Kollo was born …

I am so proud that Kollo stands out from other liquid collagen supplements on the market because it has 10g of liquid marine collagen, together with a combination of beneficial vitamins. It’s also informed sport certified – meaning that professional athletes can safely consume it without any concern for banned or contaminated substances. It’s an added bonus for our customers too because if it is safe for pro athletes, we know it’s safe for the rest of us too!



What are your regular daily health habits?

Ooh – well obviously I make sure Kollo is a key part of my daily routine. My alarm goes off at 4am each day as I host the breakfast radio show on Smooth, and when I am in the studio I take my sachet! I usually take it straight out the sachet as it’s so easy, but you can add it to water if you prefer.

For me daily exercise is so important – whether it’s a walk, a workout in the gym, a CrossFit class, a round of golf or a run. I am running obsessed and often run my commute home after my radio show. For me fitness is crucial to a positive outlook, good health and wellbeing.

My skincare routine is also important. I wash my face and moisturise every morning and evening, and wouldn’t even think of going to bed without doing this. I am also obsessed with moisturiser and lather it on my body every day – in my view, we have one skin, so look after it! So many people will buy expensive shoes they wear only a couple of times, and yet they will scrimp and save on skincare – ironic really given our skin is on show every day and few people will even notice our footwear! So switch things up – invest in your skin, your body and your wellbeing.

My final habit is drinking water. I haven’t always been good at doing this, so to make sure I drink enough, I carry a water bottle with me most of the time. Each morning I drink at least a litre. It’s interesting that since drinking more water, I now actually want to drink it – it used to be a chore.


What values do you prioritise – and how do they contribute to a healthy lifestyle?

My top three values are positivity, activity and smiling!!!

Adopting a positive outlook is crucial to boost your mood and, in turn, your confidence. Smiling is a simple yet effective way to achieve this – it releases endorphins that reduce stress and put you in a better mood. I strongly believe that laughter and happiness are the key components of overall health and wellness.

Being active is key for a healthy lifestyle. My love of running (can you tell?!) and playing golf allow me to spend time outdoors in the fresh air, helping to improve my mood, boost my confidence and enhance my overall physical and mental health. Exercise also helps me to sleep better, to de-stress, and is energising – all of which ultimately contribute to a positive outlook on life.


Was there a catalyst that encouraged you into this healthy lifestyle?

I’ve always been into health and fitness, always someone who tried all of the sports and enjoyed being active. It’s part of who I am. However, when I started working at the age of 19 and had to juggle a full-time job with university studies, I realised more than ever the importance and benefits of incorporating exercise into my busy schedule. Suddenly I had less time and it became harder to fit everything in, and definitely created a detrimental impact on my outlook. I put on weight, developed spots and I just didn’t feel like me. This is when I took up running as an activity I could do on location when away filming. It changed my life for the better and allowed me to balance work and looking after my wellbeing. It was just so convenient.


What advice do you have for people who find their health and wellbeing overwhelming?

Feeling overwhelmed about health and wellbeing is understandable because nowadays there is so much pressure on us to live and act in a certain way – but it should be easy!! Small steps make a big difference. Simply adding healthy habits into your daily routine is all it takes. For instance, you could try walking to work, get off the bus a stop earlier, go for a walk during your lunch break, or even commit to walk a 5k with a friend each Saturday (being accountable to someone else can really help). Making time for exercise and outdoor activities can have such a significant impact on your physical and mental health. These changes may seem small at first, but over time they can lead to positive habits and ultimately improve your overall wellbeing. You’ll be surprised at how quickly these changes happen and impact you positively.


What is your top makeup tip?

For me, the best way to apply makeup is keep it natural – less is more! I am proud of my skin. I feel it has a lovely radiance, and I don’t want to hide it under layers of foundation, so I use a tinted moisturiser. If I am working on camera, I need a light foundation and I apply it sparingly. I will pop on a bit of under-eye highlighter to brighten my eyes – an essential when you have a 4am start every day! I use Studio10’s Plumping Blush Glow-plexion – a lovely cream that gives you a fresh and natural boost, and which in my opinion is one of the best blushers out there. If I’m working I’ll apply a soft brown pencil eyeliner on my top lid and add a layer of mascara. Other than that, a bit of bronzer to add some warmth and a lip balm. Job done!

Plumping Blush Glow-plexion


What does PRO AGE mean to you?

I think there is a lot of panic about getting old, but actually, we can’t avoid it so we might as well embrace it! Obviously, we can help ourselves along the way by making sure we do all that we can to ease aches and pains, discourage the wrinkles and make sure that our health and wellbeing are in a great place – and this is all possible by being active, taking the right supplements and living a happy and healthy life.


If you could tell your younger self the Rules to the Game of Life, what would you say?

I would say don’t sweat the small stuff so much – enjoy yourself, forget regret, treat mistakes as lessons to be learnt and know that everything happens for a reason. What sometimes feels like a knock could, in fact, be the key to opening another door and a new opportunity. Try new things, don’t be scared to challenge yourself and enjoy having stories to tell based on your experiences, whether they are good or bad, successes or failures.


If you could have a day of being totally unhealthy without any consequences, what would you incorporate into that day?

Pizza, cake and perhaps a couple of glasses of champagne! Really though, for it to be the ultimate dream day that makes me happiest, I would much rather start the morning with a run, play a round of golf, and then hang out with my family while also having the pizza, cake and that glass or two of champagne! 


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