New Year, New Skin #NoFilterNeeded

The New Year is here, and chances are your skin is showing the effect of too much partying, too little sleep and a serious lack of care.  Make a change for good and put your best face forward for 2017

No Filter needed


  1. Double cleanse:  Beauty and skin expert Caroline Hirons is a huge advocate for a double cleanse to ensure your skin is scrupulously clean every day


  1. Change your regime:  If you struggle to remember to remove makeup at night, skincare specialist Sarah Chapman suggests doing your cleansing regime as soon as you come home from work instead, so you avoid falling asleep with the day's dirt on your skin.


  1. Clean your tools: Make the new year the time to clean up your kit and give everything you use on your skin a deep clean – Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo recommends using a very gentle soap based cleanser, then leaving your brushes to air-dry


  1. Up your hydration:  Every time you send a text, or an email, take a sip of water. Aim to fill a litre bottle twice a day and in no time at all you will be feeling the benefits of better focus, detoxed digestion and sparkling skin from the inside out.

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