Communicating with our eyes has never been more important than it is now, with most of our business and socialising taking place virtually and where we can’t rely on body language to put our points across.

Eyeliner is the perfect way to make a statement with our eyes. Dramatic or low key, eyeliner heightens definition, accentuates shape and makes an impact, and since our eyes are often the first thing people notice about us, careful and precise application will draw attraction to the eyes and make them a focus feature. Our eyelids tend to become more hooded as we age, so using a good eyeliner will open out the eyes for a wide-eye look, shaping, enhancing and defining and emphasising depth to the lashes.

Here are my top eyeliner tips

Applying eyeliner to the lower lids can close the eye up, so I would recommend lining just the top lids.

Unless you are creating a statement smokey eye, black eyeliner can be harsh for mature eyes so use richer colours like our Pewter or Mocha liners for a more natural look.

If you want a pop of colour, opt for a tinted shade such as our Sea or Peacock I-Lift Longwear Eyeliner.

Our liners are packed with Jojoba Oil that gently moisturises the eye area and prevents any redness or inflammation, and Vitamin E that acts as an antioxidant to help protect our eyes from environmental and lifestyle aggressors.


Applying eyeliner

  1. An easy way to apply eyeliner is to point your chin upwards and look down so that your lids are half closed but you can still see in the mirror.
  2. Place the liner tip as close to your lashline as possible. To get a straight line, make sure the skin around your eye is taut, without pulling too hard as this may cause the skin to crease and the line will not be as smooth.
  3. For a defined line, create a series of dots along the lash line and then join these together to create a fine line.
  4. If you do stray from the line, use a concealer to fix any smudges.

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