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One of the things that I’m most proud of at Studio10 is the wealth of fabulous female support we receive.

One such example is my friend and superwoman Suzi Perry. As a sports television and radio presenter, Suzi has not only broken down barriers within a historically male-dominated field, she is also the very model of a ‘woman’s woman’.

Beautiful inside and out, it was high time we sat down for a chat about careers, getting older and beauty tips on the go.

Suzi, you’ve made a successful name for yourself in an industry largely dominated by men – have you ever found that a challenge?

I think that because I was the first woman in this field, I was given opportunity.

To some, I was seen as a ‘fly by night’ novelty idea but as time went on, I earned respect and found my place, not only as a female broadcaster but simply as a broadcaster.

There have been hurdles along the way, but not just from men, some women in the media can be flakey I can tell you! It’s an odd world – merit should be paramount – but it isn’t always.

Where did your passion for cars and motor racing come from?

Simply from riding bikes and driving. I loved watching bike racing with my friends; I still get the same thrill after 23 years of being in paddocks!

You have a successful Radio 2 show with Formula Anthems – is that something you’d like to do more of?

I adore radio and often cover for Radio 2 DJs when they’re busy. My father was a promoter and music agent – he also managed a rock band called Trapeze – so I grew up with live music. One of my great loves is to be at a live gig; my godfather used to be in Whitesnake, so I know quite a few musicians.

Music is the thing that I turn to if I’m sad and has played a large part in my life, so yes, I’d love to do more.


What are your most favourite ‘anthems’ to get yourself motivated?

It’s mood dependent. I always listen to Dolly Parton when I’m cleaning! Michael Jackson when I’m running and Michael McDonald or John Mayer when I’m cooking.

When I’m getting ready to go out, soul or funk – Tom Browne ‘Funkin for Jamaica’ is a fave!

You’ve covered lots of sports – what do you enjoy doing for yourself?

I still run a bit, lower back dependant! I also do Pilates and Hiit, and I hill walk and swim in the summer. When I was younger, I was a ‘sport Billy’ covering every sport at school. Sadly, those days have passed!

You’ve also got a reputation for loving technology and gadgets. If you could invent any gadget yourself, what would it be?

A time machine ... imagine! So many experiences to have! More practical? Something to pack my perfect suitcase.

When you’re not working, how do you unwind?

Watching drama; I’m obsessed by Nordic Noir. My husband says that I only watch TV programmes that have subtitles and dead people! I also find gardening and cooking therapeutic. Having my hands in the earth makes me feel very present – it’s also gorgeous to have the time to be creative. I’d like to be in the headspace to paint, but it’s been a long time …

Life for you is busy and hectic but I’ve never seen you looking less than glowing – what’s your secret?

Ha! That’s because I don’t post my tired pictures where I look like I’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson! I’m a huge fan of Blush Glow-plexion and Wake Up & Glow from you guys.

Those products, combined with a bit of concealer and mascara, have got me through many a day without scaring the neighbours!

I try to drink as much water as possible, to sleep when I can and I’m a veggie, so I guess all of those things help. I must admit that I’m a stickler for skincare and regular facials, and I do them at home to save time.

If you could only use one piece of makeup for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

A concealer. To cover the scary bits - I hate my dark circles!

How do you feel about ageing? Has it affected your confidence in any way? Or have you been surprised by it?

As much as I’d love to shout from the rooftops that it doesn’t affect me and I simply couldn’t give a rat’s arse about it, I can’t.

Some days I think I look good and that gives me a spring in my step, and as much as I feel strongly that we are so much more than the image we portray, personally if I look healthy, it helps me to feel good inside.

I don’t subscribe to trying to looking younger. It’s a fallacy. Women that go in search of eternal youth end up looking smooth but weird – shiny and plastic – and that’s not good!

I buy into looking healthy, glowing and happy. Lines are normal, they’re good! Expression shows kindness and warmth.

Ageing when you’re on TV is a big subject! The pressure is there and I’m sad to see some of my colleagues obsessing over it. Yeah, I’d love to still be a tiny size 8 again, but I’m happy being a strong size 10/12 – to eat and enjoy life!

When I die, I won’t be wishing I’d dieted and exercised more, I’m pretty sure of that!

With age comes experience and hopefully wisdom. Depleting collagen is an issue, but nothing to stress about, you can’t stop the train!

You travel a lot – are there any travel style and beauty tips that you can share?

I always travel in boots or trainers for comfort; and I find that a giant pashmina acts so well as a scarf, blanket, eye mask or swollen tummy cover! It also perks up an otherwise safe outfit.

A backpack may seem ‘school-like’ but it’s a back saver, and now they’re quite cool with built-in USB chargers.

 Skin-wise I wear minimal makeup, a spritzer – I like Jurlique, lip balm, either Palmers cocoa butter or Elizabeth Arden 24hr (also a fab hand cream!)

I keep travel size packaging and reuse them by adding products from my full-size products at home; also shoe bags make great homes for lingerie, pyjamas and silk blouses.

As your career has progressed have you developed any strategies for resilience and confidence that you would be happy to share?

I’ve come up against quite a few people who have been mean in the past. I invent an invisible bubble around me by visualising a protective layer. Psychologically no one can hurt me because I’m safe inside.

I also don’t take offence easily. I believe that people’s comments often say more about them than they do about you.

What are you hoping to achieve next?  

Apart from trying to clear the garage ;-) I would like to continue my work helping animals.

Do you have a favourite ageing quote?  

“You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” – Michael Pritchard




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