GRACE'S MUSINGS: In conversation with...Silvina Neder

GRACE'S MUSINGS: In conversation with...Silvina Neder

After deciding to embrace her grey hair and a radical career change from market research to grey hair modelling in her late 40s, Silvina Neder founder of Silvina London is shaking up the haircare industry with her award-winning line, designed specifically to nourish and protect grey/blonde hair, enhancing natural silver shades free from drying nasty chemicals.

I was so lucky to catch up with Silvina recently to talk about Silvina London, proage modelling, and her personal journey to champion her beautiful grey. Whilst we’re all on our own personal journey when it comes to ageing, Silvina is an inspiration to all women, stating “I aim to make people proud of going grey - every day should be a fabulous hair day!”

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First of all, can you tell us a little more about Silvina London and how it all started?

The idea for Silvina London started brewing back in 2017. After fully embracing my grey hair, I spent about a year experimenting with different blue and purple shampoos. But none quite nailed the balance I was after - keeping my hair hydrated while maintaining that perfect silver shade.

Plus, I was dead set against sulphates and harsh chemicals. And every blue or purple shampoo out there was packed with them, way too harsh for my liking.

Along with that, my Instagram followers kept asking me about my haircare routine. I felt at a loss because I couldn't recommend a brand that ticked all the boxes for me!


What inspired you to start your brand?

Many other women have founded beauty brands, and what inspired me was seeing that these brands were born from a genuine desire to provide solutions to other women with similar needs. That resonated deeply with me when it came to creating my grey hair care line.

If they could do it, then so could I! Grace is one of my role models, of course!


How did you get into modelling and what triggered that incredible career change?

I had been working in Consumer Insights and Market Research for over 25 years and I was yearning for a change. One day, whilst getting photos taken for my Market Research website, the photographer, Rosie Collins, who is a renowned portrait photographer, suggested that I should consider modelling. She effortlessly captured some stunning shots within minutes, mentioning that I had a natural talent for it.

I thought, "Why not give it a shot?" So, I went home and searched for "GREY HAIR MODELS", sending the photos Rosie took for my business website. That was on a Tuesday, and by Sunday of the same week, I landed my first job.

As I began getting more and more bookings, I made the decision to leave Market Research behind and fully commit to modelling. I even took acting courses to further hone my skills. Some people questioned how I could transition from an established career to modelling, but I was certain that if Market Research was no longer fulfilling me, there was no reason not to explore something new, even if it meant starting from scratch.


You have beautiful hair - a true inspiration to so many! What were your own experiences that helped shape Silvina London?

Thanks for the kind words about my hair! My journey with Silvina London was really shaped by my own hair care struggles and hearing similar stories from others. Plus, experiencing how awesomely products from brands that were founded on real insights and needs worked. That's what got me fired up to create something special for the grey hair community.


In the saturated world of social media, there are so many differing opinions and advice about hair care. What’s your haircare routine?

I'm probably not the best example to follow on this one, as I wash my hair every day! As I practice yoga, I'm constantly putting my head on the floor, and I just feel better washing it after, and having my hair super clean all the time.

Surprisingly, despite what some might say, my hair and scalp remain super healthy. It's all about using the right gentle products like Silvina London, and avoiding the harsh chemicals.

Additionally, I always compare silver hair to a white shirt - it needs to be kept impeccably clean. Sometimes it's not that the grey hair is turning yellow; it just needs a good wash."


What’s the most important advice you would give to women wanting to embark on a natural/grey hair journey?

The most important tip? Sign up for my newsletter and get my guide, "Roadmap for a successful grey transition"! It's all there. (Download here)

But if I had to sum it up, I'd say: Make that decision and stick to your goal. And don't forget to enjoy the journey, it goes by so quickly!


Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Anyone who sets out to create something and keeps going until it becomes real - a business, a charity, a project. I admire people with a clear purpose who never give up, no matter what obstacles they face.

To me, success isn't just about having a good idea or having helpful people around, it's about never giving up. I believe it's 10% having a good idea, 10% having supportive people around you, and a massive 80% just keeping at it, no matter what.


What’s the hardest challenge you’ve had to face?

Launching a brand feels like starting from square one, especially nowadays when everything is constantly evolving - the rules keep changing, whether it's social media algorithms, platforms, taxes, or consumer habits.

The biggest challenge? Accepting that the challenges will keep coming and that I won't know what they are until I face them head-on.


Accomplishment you are most proud of?

I'd say my main achievement has been turning what I once considered my weaknesses - like my big, curly hair that I used to struggle with as a girl, and now my grey hair - into the driving force behind a new venture. It's something I genuinely enjoy and feel a sense of purpose in.


Top beauty ‘must have’ in your makeup bag?

I’m a huge fan of Studio10! My favourite products (I can’t do without them!) are the Skin Repair Perfect Canvas Treatment Foundation, the Hydra Peptide Fusion Daily Defence, the Double Ended Face Brush, and the Hydra-Lift I-Corrector concealer. And a good hydrating cream.


And finally, your favourite quote to live by?

One of my favourite quotes comes from my former therapist, a wise man in his 80s who was not only a psychoanalyst but also a sociologist and biologist. He used to say, with a hint of sarcastic humour, “Don’t overthink it. Whichever option you choose, you'll end up regretting it.”

This quote implies that when we're indecisive, it's because all options have both positives and negatives. That's why it's crucial to learn to let go.


Silvina NEDER

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