I don’t know about you, but I am now really beginning to miss life before lockdown. At first I embraced the no makeup and comfortable clothes routine, but I’ve realised that just for some sense of normality I need those days where I dress up more and take the time to put on makeup – even if I’m only taking my daily allowance of outdoor exercise. So to follow on from last week’s first step for a good makeup routine, this week we are moving on to step two – perfecting the skin. Once your skin is primed and ready, this next stage is where we are look at hiding any skin imperfections and creating an even skin tone.

There are so many different concealer colours available to us now, and at first glance they can be quite intimidating – in fact they are a fantastic way to even your skin tone and help hide any blemishes before putting on foundation. For a good range of colours to try, I recommend the NYX Colour Correcting Palette. Our Age Defy Skin Perfector also gives you a number of tones to work with. Follow my guide below to the different colours and what they are used for.



This colour might look at odds with a concealer that we can use on our skin, but as the opposite to red on the colour chart, it is the perfect way to hide and even out any redness on your face. Whether it’s veins, sun damage or blemishes, this can help to neutralise these red patches. Use only a little and blend in well.


Using a yellow or a peach concealer can help to disguise any dark circles under the eyes. As we age these circles are more noticeable where the skin around our eyes begins to thin and reveals the blue veins underneath. These colours can also be used to cover any age spots.


Purple is the opposite to yellow on the colour chart and therefore great at masking any yellow undertones to your skin, and creating an even skin tone before applying foundation. It’s also a great way to brighten dull and tired-looking skin.

Once you have perfected individual areas of your skin, the next step is to create an overall colour using a foundation. Finding the right colour foundation for your skin is so important. The best way to check this is to apply a little to your jawbone where you will be able to see the balance of colour between your face, which always gets the sun, and your neck, which does not. A good foundation has the ability to minimise pores, create a full cover and protect the skin with an SPF. Our Age Repair Perfect Canvas is ultra lightweight with a soft texture that smooths, firms and hydrates the skin for a flawless, dewy finish.


Blend the two shades to achieve your match.

Apply to the forehead, cheeks, bridge of nose and chin, then blend outwards.

Add shape and definition by feathering the darker shade from ear to mid-cheek, across top of forehead, temples, under chin and along lower jawline.



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