I know I am lucky! To be working in an industry that not only embraces my passion, but one that has also given me a stand to be a voice for change. ⁠

We all make a difference in our own unique way, but when we come together with the right purpose, we have unity, and unity creates change. ⁠

If we can influence and empower those around us with a difference we make, the ripple effect of positivity is contagious, and we all start to contribute. ⁠

Individually we make a difference. Collectively we make an impact. And with that, you know exactly what I’m going to say! ⁠

Let’s stand together for change and stamp out ageism once and for all. ⁠

Read my recent In Conversation with Myself where I share my inspiration for Studio10, and the importance of being a voice for change in the PRO AGE movement.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you agree Ageism is the last ‘Ism we need to challenge?

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