I love this quote! That the essence of true elegance is when our inner beauty shines through.
But I wonder what comes first?
Is it the elegance of a beautiful dress that gives us confidence and radiates our inner beauty, or is it a confidence in our inner beauty that empowers us to wear the dress in the first place?
I do know that ageing seems to have brought with it a greater sense of self, of my own individual style and a confidence in the choices I make when it comes to fashion – for me.
I don’t seem to care quite so much if someone thinks the clothes I wear are too long or too short, too young or too old. I like them – and that’s enough.  
So perhaps that’s what comes first – inner self acceptance creates inner self confidence and that radiates our outer beauty. The clothes we choose to wear are just the icing on the cake!
That said, I will never stop looking for new fashion ideas, tips and tricks!
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